‘Golden Bachelor’ Shares Dating Advice for Millennials and Gen Z


The advent of dating apps has been either a blessing or a curse for modern relationships, depending on how you look at it. Trying to meet someone and create a spark isn’t easy in this day and age; Gerry Turner, star of the hit new reality show The Golden Bachelor, had to go on TV to put himself out there after decades of being out of the dating scene. 

Turner was married to his wife Loni for 43 years before her death in 2017. Meeting someone in your 70s in this increasingly technology-driven world of dating might be a difficult endeavor for someone like him, but he doesn’t bother with trying to figure it out. Instead, he believes connecting with someone in person is the best way to get to know them. 

He opened up about his thoughts on dating in an interview with E! News from the Bachelor Mansion. When it comes to creating a love connection, it’s best to focus on living life in the moment. 

“If I were to say one thing, it would be throw your phone away,” he stated plainly. “Just throw it away and go back to one-on-one interactions and read someone’s facial expression and their body language and listen to their voice and really open up to falling in love with someone organically and not electronically.”

Even though Turner’s last first date was in 1967, the advice seemingly rings true today. Studies have found dating apps to be detrimental to our mental health and ineffective in helping people achieve their goal of finding love. For millennials and Gen Z daters looking for the right person, it might be worth it to listen to this boomer. 

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