George and Amal Clooney Say Twins Are Big Heavy Metal Fans


George Clooney is committed to broadening his children’s cultural horizons through music.

Appearing on the red carpet for the Clooney Foundation for Justice’s 2023 Albie Awards last Thursday, the Ocean’s 11 star and his wife of nine years, Amal Clooney, spoke fondly of their six-year-old twins Ella and Alexander. It didn’t take Amal long to reveal what the twins enjoy listening to in their spare time.

“He’s started playing heavy metal music [for them], actually,” she told Access Hollywood, referring to her husband.

“The kids are listening to heavy metal,” George confirmed. “They’re headbangers.” He went on to clarify, however, that they haven’t gotten into the really weighty stuff quite yet. “It’s not fully heavy metal. It’s just heavy enough that they can bang their heads.”

While their progeny’s musical talent might be fast blooming, it’s not something either George or Amal can relate to. “Not that we’re in any way musical. We have no musical talent,” George clarified. “We ruined the gene pool for them.”

Musicality isn’t the only thing the twins acquired which somehow eludes their parents. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2020, George recounted the ill-advised decision he and Amal had made to teach their infants Italian.

“We did a really dumb thing, which is, they speak fluent Italian. I mean fluent Italian at 3,” he laughed. “But I don’t speak Italian, my wife doesn’t speak Italian, so we’ve armed them with a language. I’ll say, ‘Alright, go back in and clean up your room,’ and they’re like, ‘Eh, papa stronzo,’” the actor shouted in a faux Italian accent.

“I’m from Kentucky,” Clooney cracked. “English is a second language for me.”

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