Former Yoga Teacher Found Guilty of Murdering Pro-Cyclist Romantic Rival


Former yoga instructor Kaitlin Armstrong was found guilty on Thursday of murdering professional cyclist Anna “Mo” Wilson last year in Texas, The New York Times reports. 

Armstrong was jealous that her boyfriend, fellow cyclist Colin Strickland, had briefly dated Wilson some years earlier. Strickland and Wilson continued their friendship, and would frequently find themselves together on the professional circuit. While Wilson was visiting Austin in May 2022, Armstrong snuck into her home and shot her.

Judge Brenda Kennedy reported that the jury reached a verdict after only two hours of deliberations. After their decision was read, further witnesses were called to testify against Armstrong as the court continued to determine what sentence it would hand down. Armstrong faces life in prison. It’s unclear when she will be sentenced.

The trial began November 1st in Austin and capped a dramatic 18-month period since the murder, which saw Armstrong escape to Costa Rica for over a month. In the week after Wilson’s May 11, 2022 murder, Armstrong fled the country using her sibling’s passport and had reconstructive surgery to alter her appearance. During her time on the run, the instructor was reportedly living at a hostel and looking for local teaching opportunities. U.S. Marshals announced Armstrong’s arrest on June 29, 2022.

Last month, just two weeks before her trial was set to begin, Armstrong attempted a daring daylight escape as she was escorted to a medical appointment off prison grounds. A video taken by a witness shows a person who appears to be Armstrong fleeing across a business’ parking lot and attempting to hoist herself up over a high wall. Before the video cuts, an officer can be seen chasing her and trying to pull the escapee to the ground.

An investigation into the escape attempt found Armstrong had been “exercising vigorously” for several months before the appointment. According to the documents, which were reviewed by CNN, Armstrong devised an injury which would require she be seen at a private medical office rather than on prison property. Additionally, she was granted a medical request which prevented her legs from being restrained on the day of the appointment, and wore thermal layers under her prison garments in the hopes of disposing of her outerwear and blending in with civilians. A search of her cell turned up a piece of metal which could’ve been used to remove a handcuff, according to authorities.

Armstrong faces life in prison. She will be sentenced for Wilson’s murder at a later date.

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