Ex-NFL Star Arrested on Murder Charges Fights Police on Airplane


Former NFL player Sergio Brown went missing last month after his mother was found dead behind the home they shared in the Chicago suburb of Maywood. A warrant was issued for Brown’s arrest for first-degree murder in connection to the case, and police finally tracked him down in Mexico after he posted a series of bizarre and disturbing videos on social media.

Brown was on board an extradition flight from Mexico City to Tijuana when authorities tried to restrain him. The ex-NFLer’s reaction was captured on video after the plane’s captain threatened to have him removed. 

“I have my passport. Why are they grabbing me?” he said to the passengers. “They’re kidnapping me again. I’m from Chicago. My flight was [to] Colombia. Why am I going to Tijuana?”

“This is a kidnapping,” he repeated. “They’re in uniforms.” He went on to reiterate where he was from and where he was heading, and questioned why he was being taken by officers to Tijuana. He then began shoving the Mexican officer who was holding him. As the man tried to hold Brown against the seat, the ex-NFLer repeatedly yelled “kidnapping!”

Michelle Williams, the woman who recorded the video, told KFMB that it took an hour and a half for officers to get Brown off the plane. “It was crazy just to hear him start yelling that he was being kidnapped, that these men were kidnapping him. And I’m just thinking, what is going on?” she recounted. 

Brown was arrested in San Diego on Oct. 11 after re-entering the U.S. from Tijuana. He’s currently being held without bail in San Diego and is awaiting extradition to Maywood to face the murder charge. 

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