Ex-NFL Player Missing After Mom’s Death Resurfaces in Bizarre Videos


Sergio Brown, the former New England Patriots safety who was reported missing last weekend after his mother was found dead near her home, has reemerged on Instagram with a cryptic series of videos apparently recorded in recent days.

Brown’s relatives discovered Myrtle Brown’s body near a creek less than 100 yards from her house in Maywood, IL over the weekend after becoming concerned that they hadn’t heard from her or Sergio in days. Sergio Brown has been missing ever since.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed Sunday that Myrtle Brown’s death was a homicide resulting from “multiple injuries from an assault.”

Sergio hasn’t been officially named as a suspect or person of interest in his mother’s death, but disturbing footage obtained from a Ring doorbell camera adds more questions to the case. It reportedly shows Sergio taking a pile of his mother’s clothes out to the trash and setting fire to them. Those close to the family have urged the 35-year-old former Patriot to return, regardless of what happened.

On Tuesday, Sergio emerged with a cryptic, since-deleted video on an Instagram account separate from his own verified profile but believed to be associated with him. It followed a similarly bizarre post from the day before, in which Brown made a series of statements without mentioning the breaking news of his mother’s death.

In the profanity-laden footage released Tuesday, Brown calls the claims “fake news” and asserts that “it has to be the FBI” setting him up for the crime. He states that the FBI came into his home “on Bob Marley’s death day” without a warrant, in addition to claims he was kidnapped twice from his residence by Maywood’s police department. He then names specific people whom he claims were present during the incidents. The video was location tagged in Mexico City, although his exact whereabouts remain unconfirmed.

“It had to be the FBI or the Maywood police,” Brown says, getting angrier as he goes on. “I thought my fuckin’ momma was on vacation in Sinaloa. “FBI had to do it. They got some money to do shit like that. That’s fake news. Don’t come fucking with me!”

Ex-NFL Player Sergio Brown, who went missing amid his mother’s alleged homic*de, believes the FBI or Maywood police did it pic.twitter.com/TVRgDo8gIV

— My Mixtapez (@mymixtapez) September 19, 2023

On Tuesday afternoon, the profile picture on the unverified IG account changed to a photo of the titular fish from the movie Finding Nemo. Moments later, the account posted a third video. 

Appeared at another bar in a basketball jersey, Brown quoted a long passage of dialogue from the 2003 Pixar film. He then poked fun at the fact that he was missing. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming,” Brown says to the camera. “‘Missing?’ What the fuck? Didn’t you all see Finding Nemo? This is traumatic,” he said, before repeating more dialogue from the film and laughing to himself.

#SergioBrown | #TrueCrimeWithLegacy

Just keep swimming? Missing? Oh boy. Finding Nemo? Latest story! (8 minutes ago) he’s gone, gone. He needs help. pic.twitter.com/GnFUmJQo1y

— ? ??‍♀️?L̤̮E̤̮G̤̮?️C̤̮Y̤̮???‍♀️ ? (@iamlegacy23) September 19, 2023

This is a developing story, and we will continue to update as more information becomes available.

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