Everyday Warrior Podcast Episode 87: Joey Gonzalez


The Men’s Journal’s Everyday Warrior Podcast With Mike Sarraille is a podcast that inspires individuals to live more fulfilling lives by having conversations with disrupters and high performers from all walks of life. In episode 87, we sat down with Joey Gonzalez to talk about how he started his fitness journey in sales at Gold’s Gym, where he first interacted with dynamic group fitness instructor, Barry.

Inspired by Barry’s innovation, Joey has been pushing boundaries and redefining the fitness industry for the past two decades, offering up a groundbreaking, trainer-centric approach that’s shaken things up.

Listen to the full podcast above and see a timestamped overview of the interview below.


[01:19] Barry, the “Mad Scientist” revolutionizes group fitness.

[04:53] Business success and family happiness in Miami.

[08:23] Organizational talent and success indicators.

[10:33] Determination to work for Barry’s and invest.

[14:40] CrossFit gyms lack business systems and glamour.

[18:04] Fitness studio changes demographics across locations.

[21:53] Immersive, interactive workouts with music.

[26:04] Renowned biologist Michael Rose, expert on aging.

[26:34] Women’s self-perception influences aging process.

[30:21] Veganism and having a plant-based approach to intake.

[33:38] Personal change and forming a close-knit community.

[36:48] Constantly innovating and increasing hospitality.

[42:08] Big box gyms lost revenue during pandemic.

[44:07] Investment in people, disappointment, and self-awareness.

[46:07] Joey unexpectedly selling his home for cash.

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