Eagles Fan Wears Controversial Tribute to Escaped Killer


The manhunt for Danelo Cavalcante had Pennsylvania residents gripped with fear and on the edge of their seats, especially for those who live close to the search perimeter. But now that Cavalcante is safely back in custody, some Philadelphians unfortunately appear to be embracing the convicted murderer as some sort of folk hero, which led to an unsettling viral moment during Thursday night’s Eagles game.

At the Eagles home opener against the Minnesota Vikings, one fan spotted a guy at Lincoln Financial Field wearing a DIY green jersey with “Cavalcante 13” on the back, presumably referencing the 13 days Cavalcante evaded authorities. The image got picked up by Crossing Broad, which aptly describes itself as “Philly’s irreverent sports blog.”

“Most unserious city in the world you just gotta respect it,” the account posted on social media.

Most unserious city in the world you just gotta respect it

(via @RayRay_610) pic.twitter.com/Ih2CbHWOWf

— Crossing Broad (@CrossingBroad) September 15, 2023

Respect isn’t our choice of words. Let’s not forget that Cavalcante was responsible for the horrific death of his girlfriend, whom he stabbed 38 times in front of her four- and seven-year-old children. Not to mention, that he was also under investigation for homicide in his native Brazil. It was the aforementioned grisly crime that landed him in prison in the first place. 

The fact that Cavalcante was wearing an Eagles sweatshirt when he was captured only added to the lore, as the city was quick to break out with jokes and memes following his apprehension. But while those were largely at Cavalcante’s expense, the jersey reads as more of a celebration, something that didn’t sit well with a number of people.

“Nah. Can’t respect it,” posted one user. “Why would we respect wearing the name of someone who murdered two people,” wrote another fan, along with an eyeroll emoji. “This ain’t it.”

“All fun and games until it’s your family member,” added yet another user. “Thirty-eight times. this is gross.” One user succinctly evoked a classic Dril tweet: “Issuing correction on a previous post of mine, regarding the terror group ISIL. you do not, under any circumstances, ‘gotta hand it to them.'”


— The Wiz Wit (@TheWizWit) September 15, 2023

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