#BroTox Trend Finds More Men Embracing Beauty Treatments


Demand for Botox amongst men is on the rise, with the hashtag #BroTox taking off on social media. Many experts say that, despite the wrinkle-reducer traditionally being thought of as a “feminine” product, more and more men are indulging in an injection here or there.

#BroTox currently has 18.5 million views on TikTok. The interest may seem entirely random, but according to experts who spoke with USA Today, the trend is a natural extension of the increasing interest from men in skin care and wellness procedures. 

“[Men] should not be embarrassed to take care of themselves, and this includes aesthetic procedures,” dermatologist Dr. Anthony Rossi told the outlet. “These antiquated gender roles are being sunsetted.”

A study of Botox trends by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that 265,000 men received injections in 2020 alone, representing a 182-percent increase from the year 2000. “Before it was considered a feminine kind of treatment, and now the stigma’s gone,” said Dr. Randa Jaafar, a physician who uses Botox in pain management.

Men largely seem to agree, and they’re not limiting themselves to Botox. In August, Liana Sahakyan, co-founder of Lauréate Aesthetics, told The New York Post that roughly 20 percent of her spa’s clients are men seeking a variety of procedures. “We’ve observed a steady increase in male patients seeking various cosmetic treatments over the past few years,” she said in an email. “While Botox is the frontrunner, procedures like dermal fillers and laser treatments are also gaining traction among our male clientele.”

Part of the increased demand resulted from the so-called “Zoom Boom” during the pandemic. Looking at themselves on-screen all day has made everyone hyper-aware of their appearance, including perceived imperfections. It’s also becoming increasingly common amongst younger adults. 

“I expect it to be more accepted with time in general as people often start using it in their 20s these days,” dermatologist Dr. Dina Strachan reported to USA Today. “I find the older people who it was originally targeted at [are] more self-conscious about it than the younger people.”

“For Gen Z, Botox has become another way to personalize the way they look,” Shelly Woods told Metro UK. “It’s now treated like a haircut or hair color. As the trends change, young people are the ones leading those trends on platforms like TikTok and influencing the new standard.”

Ultimately, Dr. Rossi told USA Today he views Botox the same as exercise. “I think of it as maintaining skin health and wellness just like working out your muscles at the gym.” However, he warns that no one should be doing Botox just for the sake of doing it, or because they feel like it’s the social norm.

“Everyone has different aesthetic goals and it’s important to maintain one’s individuality when doing these procedures,” Rossi said.

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