Best Turkesterone Supplements


Turkesterone is what’s known as Ajuga Turkestanica Extract, and belongs to the group Ecdysteroids. These Ecdysteroids are all steroid hormones from plants and arthropods – viva la vegans! These Ecdysteroids have been showen to improve muscular performance, muscular hypertrophy and recovery.

They are found in quite a lot of food sources, but just like Curcumin, the concentration they’re found at in food is not enough. Naturally, athletes have been looking to exploit this wonder supplement to improve performance.

We’ll often hear about people wanting to stay natural, and not use any PED’s (Performance enhancing drugs). Compared to SARMs and Steroids, these Ecdysteroids seem to be a great alternative – but are they really? Let’s find out, and cover some of the best ones on the market.

What Are The 4 Best Turkesterone Supplements?

Turkesterone supplements are exceptional for increasing performance in the gym and on the field due to its effects on muscle growth.

1) Complexed Turkesterone by Gorilla Mind

2) Turkebolic by Amino Depot

3) Ajuga Turkest Extract by Bulk Supplements

4) Ajuga Turkesterone by HC GAINS


  • Can increase Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Can lower Cholesterol
  • Increases Carbohydrate metabolism


  • Inconclusive Evidence
  • Can cause Nausea
#1 Best Turkesterone Supplements

Best Turkesterone Supplements

Complexed Turkesterone by Gorilla Mind

Gorilla Minds is one of the hottest new Supplement companies on the market supplying everything from Pre to Sleep Support.

Their Turkesterone Supplement named “Complex Turkesterone” comes in with a decent dose of 500mg per serving, you’re surely going to feel the benefit of this one.

Complexed with Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin to increase the bioavailability, this Turkesterone supplement has been particularly formulated to dramatically increase the absorption rates.


  • Added Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin to increase bioavailability
  • 60 Servings per Bottle


  • Could be low on dosage
  • Inability to split a capsule for split dosing

#2 Best Turkesterone Supplements

Best Turkesterone Supplements

Turkebolic by Amino Depot

Turkesterone has various capabilities, and Turkebolic promises to deliver on all of these physiological promises.

Amino Depot aims to provide high quality supplements for those who are pushing themselves in the training room and need that extra boost.

Dosed at 500mg per serving and zero additives, you know you’re getting your moneys worth.


  • No PCT required
  • 90 Servings per Bottles


  • Could be low on dosage
  • Inability to split a capsule for split dosing

#3 Best Turkesterone Supplements

Ajuga Turkest Extract by Bulk Supplements

If you haven’t already heard, Bulk Supplements is the #1 place to find your supplements in… well… Bulk.

With a massive 200 servings per 100g bag, you simply cannot go wrong with this one.

The value for money simply cannot be beaten.
Compared to capsules, you also have the convenient ability to dose precisely as you please!

Read Full Bulk Supplements Review


  • 200 servings per 100g bag
  • Ability to dose powder more specifically than a capsule


  • Cannot imagine it tastes good

#4 Best Turkesterone Supplements

Best Turkesterone Supplements

Ajuga Turkesterone by HC GAINS

HC Gains specifically focusses on Turkesterone supplements, and promises to deliver a super high quality product to consumers.

Coming as a Capsule or a Liquid, they provide to all consumers. They also have a 90 Day Cycle pack available.

Also dosed at 500mg, you can expect to get your moneys worth!


  • No PCT required
  • 90 Servings per Bottles


  • Could be low on dosage

What is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is one of the two more potent Ecdysteroids, along with Ecdysterone. Derived from plants such a Ajuga turkestanica, and has been used by healers in central Asia for hundreds of years.

Best Turkesterone Supplements

Quite a bit of research has been done on Turkesterone, and studies show that you can expect to see an increase in strength, muscle mass, and recovery. Ecdysteroids act very similar to Testosterone in the effects they produce, however Ecdysteroids do not bind to androgen receptors.

This means they do not cause the normal side effects we associate with Androgenic Steroids such as Prostate growth and hair loss (1).

How Does Turkesterone Work?

In the previous paragraph, I mentioned that Ecdysteroids give similar results to Testosterone. Testosterone usually induces changes in the body by binding to Androgen Receptors, causing a change in the DNA, resulting in muscle growth. Hypertrophy. Fun fact, Peptides work differently, by causing hyperplasia.

Best Turkesterone Supplements

Ecdysteroids work a bit differently. They can cause similar physiological changes, but don’t actually bind to Androgen receptors. Turkesterone has been shown to dramatically increase muscle protein synthesis, which could result in muscular hypertrophy as well as strength gains (1).

Ecdysteroids increases muscle growth capabilities by increasing mRNA translation efficiency (2), i.e. increasing protein synthesis. This is just the scientific way of saying the messenger RNA is decoded to produce specific amino acids or polypeptides, which then folds into the active protein needed for functions in the cell (3). Easy.

Benefits of Turkesterone

Just like other performance enhancing substances, Turkesterone has quite a few benefits when you really start digging.

Muscular Hypertrophy

As mentioned before, Ecdysteroids can increase muscle protein synthesis by quite a lot, depending on which studies you look at. Increasing protein synthesis can also cause a positive Nitrogen balance. This will in turn result in muscle preservation whilst dieting, essentially Turkesterone can be anabolic and anti-catabolic as well. This could lead to an increase in lean muscle mass, or just support lean muscle mass whilst dieting.

Lowering Cholesterol

The studies showing this are quite old, but they did find that Ecdysteroids have hypocholesterolamic effects, meaning they convert cholesterol into bile pools. This helps the metabolism of lipids (4). Most Anabolic Steroids would actually have adverse effects on blood lipids level, however Ecdysteroids do not.

Carbohydrate Metabolism

As we consume carbohydrates, the pancreas needs to produce Insulin to metabolize this, allowing glucose to enter the cells of the body. Consuming too many carbohydrates over a long period of time can cause high blood sugar, or hyperglycaemia if you’re nasty. This is something we as bodybuilders or athletes do, and to take the load off the pancreas some athletes use Insulin – which has a host of side effects. Like Death. Exaggeration, but still.

Ecdysteroids have been shown to help with carbohydrate metabolism, and has been shown to have anti diabetic properties. This could increase your ability to build lean muscle mass, as having the ability to eat more grants you more calories to grow with.

Organ Health

Probably expecting to see this one in the side effects huh? Think again uncle Bob this vegan plant-steroid actually could have some positive effects on the liver and kidneys. Ecdysteroids can help the liver recover after chemical induced damage, and has been shown to “restore normal glomerular filtration rate and suppress albuminuria in rats treated with a nephrotoxic mixture”.

Is Turkesterone Legal?

Yes and no… It’s a legal supplement to purchase, market, possess and use. Some sports apparently do ban it, so make sure you do your research if you are a tested athlete. So if you’re tested, maybe good ‘ol Chicken Breast and Egg Whites will be better for lean muscle mass growth.

Who Should Use Turkesterone?

Someone looking to get a small edge. Look, let’s quit playing. Will Turkesterone boost you as much as Steroids or SARMs do? Not likely. But they could potentially help you enough to improve quite a bit. Research is still forth going, but as you’ll see in the side effect section, the drawbacks are very small. It could slightly support muscle protein synthesis, but the verdict is still out.

How to Use Turkesterone

Depending on the actual yield amount in the product you end up purchasing, you should start with the recommended dose by the manufacturer. Unlike Steroids, you don’t need to cycle it on and off (if you’re at least somewhat concerned about your health). However, it might not be wise to use Turkesterone indefinitely. As a muscle building supplement, Creatine might be better in regards to health.

What Is Turkesterone Supplement Dosage?

Although, a common dose of 500mg per day is what a few people have positive results with.

Forms of Turkesterone

Being safer rather than sorry is really the name of the game. Most manufacturers would suggest using a starting dose of 250mg per day for beginners. Split into two if possible. Once you are more experienced with Turkesterone Supplements, you could ramp that up to 500mg daily.

Side Effects of Turkesterone

The only real side effect is that some people report nausea when taking Tukesterone on an empty stomach. No other side effects have been reported, yet. Further studies are needed.

How Safe Is Turkesterone?

Quite. Usually with any “Steroid” (even if it is a Plant Steroid) people assume the worst, and expect horrific effects from the muscle building supplement. Turkesterone Supplements seem to be rather safe, as no real negative effects have been noticed as of yet, however further studying is needed.

How Is Turkesterone Made?

In order to make a Turkesterone Supplement, you’re going to have to extract the juice (hehe) from a plant, specifically, the Ajuga plant. That being said, Turkesterone Supplements can be made from other plants on the African Continent.

Is Turkesterone A Steroid?

Yes and No. A steroid’s literal definition is “any of a large class of organic compounds with a characteristic molecular structure containing four rings of carbon atoms (three six-membered and one five). They include many hormones, alkaloids, and vitamins.”.

In the world of performance enhancing drugs, Turkesterone (Ecdysterone) is a sterol, which isn’t the same as other steroids we think of, but rather substrate of steroids. This would put any Turkesterone supplement in the “Non Steroid” category.

Is Turkesterone Natural?

Sort of? While most individuals could get away with it, it’s definitely banned in some sports. If you’re a tested athlete, you might want to wise up before taking the plunge. If you’re just the average gym bro, you should be good and natural taking a Turkesterone supplement.

Is Turkesterone better than Ecdysterone?

Turkesterone is a form of Ecdysterone. The surprising thing is that Ecdysterone has been tested on humans and to be found safe and effective. While the popular Turkesterone supplements have not been tested on humans, and the notions that it’ll stop muscle breakdown, or increase muscle mass as a dietary supplement is has not been proven.

What do you stack with Turkesterone?

A Turkesterone supplement can play rather nicely with other products such as Creatine, Vascularity increasing supplements, or other Natural Testosterone boosters.

Can Turkesterone Help Muscle Growth?

Potentially, yes. While the research isn’t 100% exact yet, there are some leads to show that it could. The big one in my opinion is the ability to manage blood sugar levels. This will allow you to eat more calories (Carbs specifically), causing more Insulin release, which as we know is one hell of an Anabolic compound.

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