Best Sleep Products That Really Work


From your mood to immune system, sleep affects nearly every corner of your body. Because grabbing quality shut-eye often takes more effort and planning than flicking the lights off, sleep innovators are pumping out some of the best sleep products to make it easier to get some solid sack time.

From thoughtfully designed support pillows and eye masks to temperature control systems and snore-relief devices, the best sleep products may not vanquish the intergalactic battle against insomnia and other serious sleep disorders, but they might just do the trick for boosting sleep hygiene.

Best Sleep Products That Really Work Bearaby Cotton NapperCourtesy Image 1. Bearaby Cotton Napper

The pressure that weighted blankets deliver creates a calming effect, but you wouldn’t consider most of them cozy. The chunky, weaved pattern on the Napper puts open weaved cotton next to the skin so it feels as good as it looks—and really breathes. Beyond a range of colors, Bearaby offers four weights, from 10 to 25 pounds, to help you dial in the right heft, which is usually about 10 percent of your body weight.

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Get it White Dreampad Medium Support PillowDreampad Medium Support Pillow Courtesy Image2. Dreampad Medium Support Pillow

Nestled inside this hypoallergenic 20×28-inch pillow is a vibrating Bluetooth speaker that transmits sounds the same way bone-conduction headphones do. Pair your smartphone with it and stream sleep-inducing podcasts, an audiobook, or the relaxing sounds from the Dreampad app. Because the sound relies on vibration—unless you crank the pillow to the max—your partner isn’t likely to be disturbed.


Get it Hatch Restore Smart Sleep AssistantHatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant Courtesy Image3. Hatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant

Park the Hatch on your nightstand and it’ll help set the room up for a successful night’s sleep. Even if you don’t need the meditation and sleep stories to calm your mind, you’ll appreciate the gently glowing LEDs that mimics a sunrise, replacing a harsh audio alarm, while helping reset your body’s natural circadian rhythm.


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