Anti-Aging Medicine For Dogs?


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Yes, anti-aging medicine is not just for humans. There’s a number of supplements and medicines that may extend the life – and or improve their quality of life – of our canine companions. Many supplements we humans use, are also a benefit to dogs, such as fish oils, joint supplements, NAC, various vitamins and others. On the drug front, Rapamycin, has garnered considerable interest by anti-aging scientists and medical professionals in recent years for dogs and humans as well as other species. Specific to dogs, even CNN did a segment about the potential benefits of Rapamycin:

The above information in that vid came from the The Aging Dog Project which has more information HERE to read up on.

For a general review on Rapamycin for anti-aging and combating the diseases of aging, which has applied to every animal model studied to date see Rapamycin For Longevity.

A dog focused discussion with sources, dosing recs, purchasing, etc can be found HERE.


For general anti-aging, vs dogs with cancer: 0.1 mg/kg body weight dosing 3x weekly / 1 mg per 22 lbs body weight.

Longevity benefits, one month on/one month off therapy using above dosing protocol. 

For pets facing cancer or other chronic disease, continual therapy.

While more data is needed as optimal doses, that seems to be the current rec based on the current data.


If you’re interested in Rapamycin for your aging dog, discuss that with your vet. Most will not be familiar with Rapamycin, so you may want to forward this article to them first. The good news is, I find veterinarians more open to trying new things if there’s data to support it vs human focused docs, but that’s another topic…

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