4 Gauge Pre Workout Supplement Review


What is 4 Gauge

4 Gauge is a natural pre and post workout supplement on the market today. The company manufactures this supplement in cGMP-approved facilities in the UK and USA. The formula is a result of exhaustive research on high-quality and natural pre-workout ingredients that help bodybuilders and athletes maintain strength and focus as they carry out their training and exercise programs in the gym or outdoors.

4 gauge

What Do You Benefit by Taking 4 Gauge?

This all-natural pre-workout supplement prepares your body to do better workouts and muscle pumps. It is formulated without harmful chemicals or preservatives. It has no artificial sweeteners. With regular intake, your body becomes able to lift more weights and you notice yourself gaining strength to do longer and more effective workouts in the gym or on the road. 4 Gauge has optimum nutrient delivery so you will notice yourself looking and feeling bigger and stronger as time goes by. The ingredients work to increase focus and to lift your moods so you can stay motivated for practice and training for longer. The supplement also keeps your body relaxed so you don’t tense up or crash at some point.

Are there Side Effects to Using 4 Gauge?

Users have yet to report any negative or serious side effects from taking 4 Gauge. The ingredients used are fully disclosed. The product does not contain any proprietary blends or hidden ingredients.  The values of each component and product dosage consider official clinical measures and dose recommendation so there’s no danger of overdosing on a particular ingredient as long as you follow label instructions. With natural ingredients, no synthetics, no banned chemicals, and non-artificial sweeteners in the mix, the product may present minimal side effects to none.

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What Are the Ingredients and Best Dosage?

4 Gauge is a carefully researched blend of natural ingredients that support the body towards the best workout possible.

a. 150 milligrams of Caffeine Anhydrous. This is a choice ingredient for increasing energy, muscle endurance, and strength. Bodybuilders, sportsmen, and athletes will find more focus and power as they go about their workout program.  Doing workouts consume glycogen for energy. Caffeine helps slow glycogen depletion as it encourages your body to burn more fat for fuel so you can train for longer periods of time. Caffeine also enhances and strengthens muscle contraction so you can handle training or working out for longer periods of time.

b. 200 milligrams of L- Theanine. This is a choice ingredient for maintaining focus and relaxation while rejuvenating your body during and after your workout sessions. This amino acid is common in tea leaves and we know tea’s ability to calm the body without draining it of energy and to motivate the body without agitating or tensing the muscles. This ingredient is great on athletes and bodybuilders because with L-Theanine in 4 Gague, you get focused energy minus the crash. The ingredient also keeps you alert and non-drowsy.

It is important to note that the combination of L-Theanine and caffeine in 4 Gauge is synergistic. Together they support your body towards maintaining longer lasting energy; highly stimulated and focused yet fully relaxed at the same time. Caffeine gives you the motivation and the pump while L-Theanine puts your body in a relaxed and focused mode.

c. 1000 milligrams of Creatine Monohydrate. This is a choice ingredient for muscle building. It powers up and lengthens performance. More importantly, it helps increase cognition and hydration levels as it lessens body fatigue.

d. 600 milligrams of L-Citrulline DL-Malate. This is a choice ingredient for adding intensity to your muscle pumps. This amino acid is an extract from watermelons. As your body absorbs this component in 4 Gauge, nitric oxide levels get a boost. Your blood vessels dilate and more blood passes through them. This helps you deliver incredible pumps and develop a strong muscular physique.

e. 300 milligrams of Red Beet Extract. This extract is a good natural supplement that supports muscle pumping and longer body workouts. Study shows that Beetroot juice helps increase the levels of plasma nitrate in the body, helping raise nitric oxide levels in the system. The extract further helps you do the pumps and helps you develop those large muscles you desire to have.

f. 1oo milligrams of Rhodiola Rosea. This is a known herb that Traditional Chinese medicine uses for improving overall mood and cognition. Pumping muscle and doing the workouts can be draining on the body and mind. 4 Gauge includes this herb as an ingredient to help the body combat fatigue and loss of focus and drive. As a whole, the supplement helps you stay in the zone for an extended period of time and especially during the hardest parts of your training. With Rhodiola as an added ingredient, you stay more positive and high in spirits as you do those hard workouts.

g. 500 milligrams of Acetyl-L-Carnitine. This amino acid is a choice ingredient for its ability to promote energy and reduce muscle damage. Overall, the supplement helps you overcome fatigue while working out and afterwards. You get a boost of mental and physical energy pre and post workout. Recovery periods also lessen since your muscles get supplemental support.

h. 300 milligrams of Coconut Water Powder. Coconut water is recognized as a natural electrolyte drink which makes it a good hydrating drink for your sports and athletic activities. There are a lot of nutrients in coconut water that’s why this is a choice ingredient for 4 Gauge. With this added ingredient, the supplement helps you manage the loss of water from sweating. It also lowers your blood pressure levels and helps you prevent the onset of headaches and even hypertension.

The dosage for this powdered supplement is at 2 scoops of 14 grams for each serving. One container provides 20 servings. As your body starts positively responding, you will notice an energy boost that may last from 2 to 4 hours. You may consume more or dose up more but manufacturers recommend that you observe first how your body responds to the basic dose before you try upping the dosage.

How Much Does 4 Gauge Cost?

You can purchase this pre-workout supplement in 3 ways:

a. You can get the 1-Round Pack. It costs US$65 and includes one 4 Gauge shell. Shipping costs in the US and UK will vary depending on location. There are no recurring charges and you can choose a discreet shipping method. You can pay using PayPal or Amazon Pay.

b. You can get the 2-Round Pack. It costs US$90. The pack contains two shells. You get waived costs on shipping fees to the USA and UK so you can save some amount. There are no recurring charges and you can choose a discreet shipping method. You can pay using PayPal or Amazon Pay.

c. You can go with the Ultimate Ammo Crate for US$135. You get 3 shells of 4 Gauge. You also get 1 additional shell for free. Shipping to the USA and UK is also free. This package offers great savings. There are no recurring charges and you can choose a discreet shipping method. You can pay using PayPal or Amazon Pay.

What Do Users Think About 4 Gauge?

Both men and women consumers observe positive results from taking this pre-workout supplement. What Ricarda from Germany appreciates most is the supplement doesn’t make her itchy or jittery. The 27-year old female felt a clean boost of energy levels, focus, and strength. She is into HIT and felt better performance and pump levels with using the supplement.

20-year old Chris Mejia from the United States loves this pre workout powder for its clean and effective ingredients. He dislikes proprietary blends and hidden ingredients that are harmful to the body. He also loves the combination of caffeine and L-Theanine. He can really perceive the difference with the way this “Smart Caffeine” blend works on his body. He also appreciates the great taste plus added energy and focus that the supplement provides.

Should You Use 4 Gauge?

If you want a pre-workout supplement that’s high on natural ingredients and zero on artificial sweeteners and preservatives, you might like to use this product. Those looking to increase muscle mass in natural ways will find this powder desirable. Users have been seeing results with this product but as each body is different, observe for any side effects if your body is not compatible with the product.

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