4 Advanced Bodyweight Leg Exercises For Maximum Strength

If you are a bodyweight exercise freak like me, at some point you have reached a time period where you have plateaued and wondered if bodyweight exercises were really the best way to develop your body.

I think this is especially true with advanced bodyweight leg exercises.

I mean, with the upper body, it almost seems like there are endless exercises you can perform.

There are so many different variations of the basic pushup, for example, that you can perform: wide pushup, clap pushups, condensed pushup, handstand pushup, etc.

Yet with bodyweight leg exercises, what else can you do other than the normal no-weight squat?

This post is about 4 advanced bodyweight leg exercises I think you should work into your leg routine.

I am going to showcase some insanely difficult bodyweight leg exercises for maximum leg development.

*If you are looking for a true leg challenge, here’s a great one. It’s called the Bodyweight Squats Muscular Endurance 5-Minute Challenge. It’s a killer.

What are Bodyweight Leg Exercises?

Exercises using only your bodyweight are meant to develop strength without using the assistance of a weight (dumbbell, barbell, or other means).

Bodyweight leg exercises utilize gravity to help develop strength in the leg muscles. The key to effectively getting stronger, without using weights, in your leg muscles is to think about angles.

Why are Angles So Important in Bodyweight Exercises?

Your leg muscles are made up of several different muscles.

You have the quadriceps in the front (which have four main muscles) and you have your hamstrings in the back.

Each of these muscles has different striations of fibers inside them. When using bodyweight leg exercises to get stronger, you must target these fibers in order to effectively tear the muscle tissue.

That’s why it’s important to do several different variations of bodyweight leg exercises.

Below I will show you the best bodyweight leg exercises to target your leg muscles from different angles.

Best Advanced Bodyweight Leg Exercises For Leg Strength Bear Squat

Bear Squat is a little-known bodyweight leg exercise for leg strength.

At first, it may not seem like it is difficult but once you get the form right, you’ll realize how difficult it really is.

One way to make this exercise even more difficult is to do it after you do all your other training. It’s brutal.

Hindu Squat

The Hindu Squat is a traditional, “bread & butter” bodyweight leg exercise. It’s used by almost every purist out there.

Karl Gotch could do over a thousand of these in a row.

Realize that these will develop strength as you build up the number you can do.

Many personal trainers say that you have to stay at the 6-8 rep mark in order to build strength.

With Hindu Squats, it’s just not true.

Falling Tower

The Falling Tower leg exercise is unique. Very few people know about this one.

The below video will show you how to do it. It targets the quads tremendously.

The further you go down, the more difficult it is.

You can even raise your hands above your head if you wish to get a more difficult workout.

Duck Walks

Duck Walks exercise is absolutely brutal. Follow the directions below to learn how to do it.

Again, when incorporating the best bodyweight leg exercises into your routine, you have to remember that it is so important to target the muscles from different angles.

When doing Duck Walks Exercise, you are in a low squat the entire time which targets the leg muscles in a unique way.

Advanced Bodyweight Leg Resources:

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best bodyweight leg exercises.

Feel free to comment below.

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