35 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men


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From razors and skincare to whiskey and his next go-to golfing outfit, there’s really nothing you can’t get in a monthly subscription box these days. Not only do these little bundles of joy make great gifts for any guy on your list, but they also make life easy. If you don’t have to run to the store to get shaving cream because it comes to your door exactly when you need it, then why would you? Plus, it’s kind of like Christmas morning every time you open your door to see a package with your name on it.

Oh, and not to mention that subscription boxes often come with a subscribe-and-save bonus, meaning you’re saving money on the things you would normally be buying anyway. But with so many subscription box options on the market, they’re not all going to be worth your hard-earned dollars.

Luckily, we’ve gathered 35 of the best monthly subscription boxes for men below. With unique lifestyle subscription boxes, exciting food and drink subscription boxes, and plenty of self-care subscription boxes, take your pick on the best subscription boxes for men that will have you questioning why you ever leave your house to go to the store.

Blu Atlas Starter SetCourtesy of Blu Atlas1. Blu Atlas Starter Set

Most men still tend to neglect their skin. Unfortunately, failing to maintain a proper skincare routine can lead to a buildup of dead skin cells and dirt, triggering conditions like acne and eczema. Blu Atlas has come to the rescue with its 100% natural skincare line, designed specifically for men.

Their Starter Set includes an eco-friendly body wash, aluminum-free deodorant, anti-aging face moisturizer, and volcanic ash face cleanser. After trying these top-rated products out, you can then mix and match items from Blu Atlas’ comprehensive skincare catalog and get a subscription at fixed intervals for a 20% savings!

Category: Skincare

Cost: $70 for the Starter Set; you can subsequently purchase one or any combination of Blu Atlas products on a subscription basis at a 20% discount.

Get it Trade Coffee SubscriptionCourtesy of Trade2. Trade Coffee Subscription

Experience the freshest brews, top coffee roasters, and delicious flavors with Trade. You’ll start with a personalized coffee quiz, so Trade can get to know your tastes, preparation methods, and preferences. After you sign up for a subscription, Trade will send you a different coffee to try. You can always try something new, or if you found one you love, reorder it each time. You can set up a subscription to send you coffee every 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 weeks.

Category: Food and Drink

Cost: Coffee starts from $12.50 a bag.

Get it Bespoke Post SubscriptionCourtesy of Bespoke Post3. Bespoke Post Subscription

Bespoke Post is a men’s lifestyle subscription service that sends you the coolest gears, goods, and gadgets from under-the-radar brands and small businesses. They don’t just send you things for the hell of it; each of their selections has a purpose, whether that’s to make your life more fulfilling or make you smell like a god. You’ll start by taking a short quiz and then see what goodies they have in store for you.

Category: Lifestyle

Cost: For members, each monthly box is $45. Non-members can enjoy a box for $55.

Get it Flaviar SubscriptionCourtesy of Flaviar4. Flaviar Subscription

Flaviar is an exclusive spirits club that lets you sip and uncover the best, most unique spirits that can’t be found at your local liquor store. Every quarter you’ll get a complimentary Tasting Box of your choice, a full-size bottle of liquor you loved, plus access to Flaviar-exclusive spirits, events, tastings, unlimited free shipping, and additional perks.

Category: Food and Drink

Cost: Memberships start at $29.08 a month, billed annually at $349.

Get it Bevel Shave System Monthly SubscriptionCourtesy of Bevel5. Bevel Shave System Monthly Subscription

Bevel’s Shave System is designed to protect, cleanse, and nourish the skin, all while giving a close, clean shave. In the kit, you’ll find the brand’s Post-Shave Balm, Shave Cream, Pre-Shave Oil, safety razor, and refillable blades. Get the Shave System on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Category: Shaving

Cost: The first shipment costs $85.45. Every order after that will just include the Pre-Shave Oil, Shave Cream, Post-Shave Balm, and Blades for $59.95.

Get it Stance Monthly SubscriptionCourtesy of Stance6. Stance Monthly Subscription

Socks are the ultimate men’s accessory. So keep it fun and funky with Stance. Based on your personality and preferences, Stance will send you fresh pairs of socks (or underwear) each month, or you can have total control and choose your own.

Category: Fashion

Cost: Subscriptions begin at $19 a month.

Get it Birchbox Monthly Subscription BoxCourtesy of Birchbox7. Birchbox Monthly Subscription Box

Birchbox makes men’s grooming and self-care more enjoyable through curated monthly boxes. Each month you’ll receive five deluxe samples (such as cleansing body bars, deodorants, beard care supplies, or moisturizing body lotions). Each box is hand-picked by the Birchbox team and designed to meet your needs and grooming goals.

Category: Skin and Body Care

Cost: Birchbox goes for just $10 a month.

Get it Hims Hair Loss Monthly SubscriptionCourtesy of Hims8. Hims Hair Loss Monthly Subscription

Hair loss is no joke, so get it treated with Hims’ FDA-approved hair growth treatments. This easy, discrete monthly subscription service ships your personalized hair regrowth treatment to your door in under-the-radar packaging. Whether you have bald spots, a receding hairline, or both, Hims has been shown to regrow men’s hair in as little as three months.

Category: Haircare

Cost: Pricing varies based on your subscription.

Get it Stitch Fix Monthly SubscriptionCourtesy of Stitch Fix9. Stitch Fix Monthly Subscription

If shopping for clothes isn’t your thing, Stitch Fix is here to make getting dressed way more manageable. You’ll start by filling out a form, working with a stylist, and letting them know how much you’re comfortable paying for each item. You’ll get your clothes in the mail, with items ranging from $25 to $500. Stitch Fix offers over 1,000 brands and has inclusive sizing, ranging from XS to 3XL and Big & Tall sizes.

Category: Fashion

Cost: Styling fee starts at $20.

Get it Mashbox Club Monthly SubscriptionCourtesy of Mashbox10. Mashbox Club Monthly Subscription

Mashbox is for the men who know what they like. Whether you’re a whiskey, scotch, bourbon, gin, or tequila guy, Mashbox curates extraordinary spirits from independent bottlers and small distillers around the world. Each month, you’ll get a taste of the good life. They’ll send you an expertly selected bottle with its own story and detailed tasting notes so you can really understand the spirit behind the drink.

Category: Food and Drink

Cost: Costs differ depending on your spirit of choice. Gin begins at $44 a month, tequila and rum for $54 a month, bourbon and whiskey for $69 a month, and scotch for $79 a month.

Get it Maapilim Good Face Day KitCourtesy of Maapilim11. Maapilim Good Face Day Kit

For a good skin day every day, Maapilim created their Good Face Day Kit. Packed with everything you need for clear, healthy skin, this three-step skincare routine is delivered right to your door and only takes you 45-seconds morning and night. This skincare routine is comprised of Maapilim’s balancing facial cleanser, brightening eye cream, and hydrating face moisturizer.

Category: Skin and Body Care

Cost: Get this skincare kit delivered to your door bi-monthly for $75, or opt for the 6-month bulk purchase for $150.

Get it Breo Box Monthly SubscriptionCourtesy of Breo Box12. Breo Box Monthly Subscription

Every season, Breo Box sends you the coolest, most innovative new gadgets in home, tech, and lifestyle. Each item is designed to enhance your lifestyle and not be something you use once then forget about. Whether that’s a smart posture corrector that trains you to sit upright or a premium pot that brews the perfect cup of coffee in the morning and the most relaxing cup of tea at night. Each Breo Box contains five to eight products valued at over $300.

Category: Lifestyle

Cost: Pay $159 for your Breo Box each quarter or pay $144.75 per seasonal box by going with the annual plan ($579 a year).

Get it Fuego Box Monthly Subscription ClubCourtesy of Fuego Box13. Fuego Box Monthly Subscription Club

Each month, the creators behind Fuego Box scour the globe for the best hot sauces around. They hand-select the best of the best hot sauces (ones you’ve probably never heard of or tried before) and send the chosen ones to your door.

Category: Food and Drink

Cost: Fuego Box offers several club memberships. For $17.95 a box, you’ll get one hot sauce every month. For $29.95 a box, you’ll receive three hot sauces every month or every quarter. And for those who can really take the heat, they offer a $27.95 box that sends you two extra-hot hot sauces every month or every quarter.

Get it Ritual Men's Multivitamin Monthly SubscriptionCourtesy of Ritual14. Ritual Men’s Multivitamin Monthly Subscription

Keep your health in check with Ritual. This scientifically-developed men’s multivitamin was specially crafted for men between 18 and 49 to fill in any nutrient gaps. This vitamin isn’t filled to the brim with vitamins in minerals. It takes a paired back approach and focuses on micronutrients to support heart health, muscle function, immunity, and more.

Category: Health and Wellness

Cost: $30 a month.

Get it Short Par 4 Monthly Subscription BoxCourtesy of Short Par 415. Short Par 4 Monthly Subscription Box

Short Par 4 is a monthly membership that sends you the latest golf clothes tailored to your preferences (are you more casual? Or is your style sophisticated?). Depending on your membership and style, they’ll send you high-quality, expertly curated items at super affordable prices. So you end up saving time, money, and brain power when it comes to shopping for new golf clothes.

Category: Fashion

Cost: Short Par 4 offers two different memberships for men; pricing varies based on your subscription.

Get it Huron Shower Kit Monthly SubscriptionCourtesy of Huron16. Huron Shower Kit Monthly Subscription

Make your shower routine a spa-like ritual with Huron’s Shower Kit. This award-winning trio of shower essentials: body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, will always leave you feeling fresh and clean.

Category: Skin and Body Care

Cost: The Huron Shower Set retails for $39. When you get it auto-delivered monthly, bi-monthly, or tri-monthly, you save $19.50 on your first order and $5.85 after that.

Get it Scentbird Monthly Subscription BoxCourtesy of Scentbird17. Scentbird Monthly Subscription Box

Scentbird is one of the most popular monthly subscription boxes for sourcing fine, designer fragrances. The subscription works based on what you like. You’ll choose scents from Scentbird’s catalog that you’d like to try. They’ll then send you the selected fragrance in a sleek, reusable 8mL bottle, which should last until your next box.

Category: Fragrance

Cost: Get new scents every month for $15.95, with your first month only $7.97.

Get it Lumin Skin Classic Maintenance Set SubscriptionCourtesy of Lumin18. Lumin Skin Classic Maintenance Set Subscription

No matter if you have dry, combination, or oily skin—Lumin has a skincare set for you. The expertly curated set is low-maintenance and uses the skincare basics of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing to give you your best skin yet.

Category: Skin and Body Care

Cost: $51 for a 2-month supply.

Get it Vinyl Me Please Monthly SubscriptionCourtesy of Vinyl Me Please19. Vinyl Me Please Monthly Subscription

Vinyl Me Please is a monthly membership program that sends you a record each month. You’ll choose from their current tracks of the month and get your deluxe edition vinyl, listening notes, and exclusive store access in the mail.

Category: Lifestyle

Cost: Club memberships start at $33 a month.

Get it Firstleaf Monthly ClubCourtesy of Firstleaf20. Firstleaf Monthly Club

Labeled America’s #1 wine club, Firstleaf sends you personalized, award-winning wines to your doorstep so you can expand your palate and impress your friends. Based on your taste profile, Firstleaf will send you unique wines. And if you don’t like a bottle, don’t worry! They’ll credit you for it. Firstleaf also lets you rate the wines you receive, which helps personalize your future orders, so you’re more likely to get what you like.

Category: Food and Drink

Cost: Get your first six wines for $39.95.

Get it The Dollar Shave Club SubscriptionCourtesy of The Dollar Shave Club21. The Dollar Shave Club Subscription

As one of the most popular men’s monthly subscription boxes, The Dollar Shave Club lets you craft your perfect shaving routine without ever having to go to the store. You can mix and match whatever items you need, but if you’re just getting started, go for the brand’s $5 Starter Kit. In it, you’ll get a razor handle, six blade refills, a shaving Prep Scrub, Shave Butter, and Post Shave Dew.

Category: Shaving

Cost: Subscriptions vary, but the lowest start at $5 a month for the first month.

Get it Hims Prescription Skincare Monthly SubscriptionCourtesy of Hims22. Hims Prescription Skincare Monthly Subscription

Hims offers prescription-strength, personalized skin care treatments that cater towards clearing acne, reversing sun damage, and helping smooth wrinkles and fine lines. You’ll get matched with a dermatologist and let them know what your skincare goals are before getting on your monthly customized routine. You can also get their signature skincare products like their Vitamin C Serum ($33) on a monthly, bi-monthly, or tri-monthly subscription plan.

Category: Skin and Body Care

Cost: Pricing varies based on your subscription.

Get it Seed Probiotic Monthly SubscriptionCourtesy of Seed23. Seed Probiotic Monthly Subscription

The latest science says our gut health affects more than just bowel movements—it impacts your brain, heart, mood, sleep, and immune system too. As one of the best, most scientifically-backed probiotics on the market today, Seed makes the perfect health and wellness present to yourself. With its proprietary formula that’s engineered to survive travel and shipping, this probiotic boasts over 53 billion gut-healthy AFUs. Seed’s system is also sustainable. In your first month, you’ll receive your probiotic in a refillable glass jar (along with a glass travel vial). Each month after, you’ll get your monthly supply as a sustainable refill.

Category: Health and Wellness

Cost: Monthly subscriptions start at $49.99 a month.

Get it Live Luxee Subscription BoxCourtesy of Luxee24. Live Luxee Subscription Box

Luxee is a curated lifestyle subscription membership that helps men lead healthier, happier lives through products and discovery. They offer a seasonal, quarterly box filled with full-size, award-winning men’s products from areas such as wellness, technology, fitness, and grooming. As well as some of the best men’s brands such as Manscaped, Hugo Boss, and Disco. They tailor each box to fit the season, but you can always skip a season or cancel your subscription at any time.

Category: Lifestyle

Cost: All Luxee boxes are valued at over $200. But, depending on your plan, you pay only $50 or $45 per box.

Get it Daily Harvest Monthly SubscriptionCourtesy of Daily Harvest25. Daily Harvest Monthly Subscription

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet isn’t always easy. Especially when you’re busy with work, family, friends, and life in general. Daily Harvest makes it easy for you to eat healthy, plant-based, chef-crafted meals, all of which are ready in minutes and made from only the best clean, organic ingredients. They’ve thought of everything from breakfast to dessert, so you can choose from smoothies, soups, flatbreads, harvest bowls, lattes, and ice-cream-like compotes.

Category: Food and Drink

Cost: Daily Harvest offers several different plans, which vary in price depending on the items you choose and how often you get them delivered. Flatbreads, for example, are $8.99 for one, while smoothies are $7.99 for one.

Get it Outdoor Fellow Monthly Candle ClubCourtesy of Outdoor Fellow26. Outdoor Fellow Monthly Candle Club

Keep your home smelling nice and cozy with Outdoor Fellow’s Monthly Candle Club. Each candle is hand-poured in New York City and made from natural coconut wax. You can choose your favorite scent (like Woods or Fireplace + Clove) or click the variety option, and they’ll send you a different scent each month.

Category: Lifestyle

Cost: Subscribe for $29.95 a month and receive a candle every 1, 2, 3, or 4 months.

Get it Boka Starter Kit Subscription

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