35 Best Grooming Products for Men


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Taking care of yourself should never be a question. Luckily, it seems more men are finally getting into the grooming game. We’re not sure when the paradigm shift took place, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is how intensely the men’s grooming industry has exploded. New products are popping up everywhere as companies look to resonate with men who want to take care of their skin and hair, smell fresh and just be well-groomed overall.

Here are 35 of the best men’s grooming products currently on the market.

35 Best Grooming Products for Men Blu Atlas Purifying Face MaskCourtesy of Blu Atlas1. Blu Atlas Purifying Face Mask

For whatever reason, men have been slow to take up the regular use of face masks. Set your ego aside and slap on this Blu Atlas Purifying Face Mask to revitalize, hydrate, and deeply cleanse your face. You’ll look better, feel better, and be happy you did.

The kaolin clay and charcoal are going to dive deep down into your pores to soak oil and remove any other impurities. Meanwhile, the goji berry extract and microalgae are going to rehydrate your skin while also helping it lock in moisture for the long term.

Plus, these 100% natural, vegan-friendly product won’t leave you worried about putting toxins and pollutants into the waterways when you’re washing the mask off. Get to feeling comfortable in your skin with our #1 face mask by Blu Atlas.

[$38; bluatlas.com]

Get it Harry’s Post-Shave MistCourtesy of Harry’s2. Harry’s Post-Shave Mist

Sometimes you get a little too close for comfort, or maybe your skin is easily irritated after a thorough shave. Regardless, a post-shave mist like this one from Harry’s works wonders. This light and extra-fine post-shave spray works quickly and effectively to soothe and cool down your skin following a shave.

Additionally, it leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh. Made using a combination of natural ingredients, including aloe, Thai basil and seaweed, this mist will allow you to say goodbye to discomfort and irritation. Instead, you’ll get a much-needed boost in essential oils. Your face will thank you!

[$12; harrys.com]

Get it Fatboy Perfect PuttyCourtesy of Amazon3. Fatboy Perfect Putty

Why not give your hair some shape, some purpose? Fatboy knows the power of a good putty. They designed the perfect putty to cater to all hair types and provide a slick matte finish to your hair, giving it style and confidence. Even better, it’s got an alluring scent of green tea that makes for a pleasant smell all day long.

[$21; amazon.com]

Get it Oars + Alps Hydrating ShampooCourtesy of Oars + Alps4. Oars + Alps Hydrating Shampoo

If you’re finding that your hair is a little on the dry side, then consider the Oars + Alps hydrating shampoo. This product works to bring out the best qualities in your hair by providing nourishment, moisturization and strand-strengthening ingredients. Some of the signature ingredients include kelp and algae extracts.

These potent sea ingredients promote healthy hair and moisturization. Oars + Alps products do not include any unnecessary additives, so you can be sure that your hair and skin are getting the best treatment. You’ll find the scent of this shampoo intoxicating, leaving you calm, refreshed and hydrated.

[$14; oarsandalps.com]

Get it Panasonic Beard TrimmerCourtesy of Amazon5. Panasonic Beard Trimmer

The Panasonic Beard Trimmer is about to become your best friend. Featuring ultra-sharp trimmer blades, this beast-like device provides a precision that’s hard to beat. What makes this product so appealing is that you can use it in or out of the shower.

That’s right, it’s waterproof and 100% washable. When it comes to getting the job done in a quick, painless and accurate fashion, let’s just say Panasonic more than understood the assignment.

[$49.99; amazon.com]

Get it MARLOWE No. 103 Body WashCourtesy of Amazon6. MARLOWE No. 103 Body Wash

Why smell good when you can smell fantastic? Marlowe’s No. 103 features the potent scent of tea tree, but beyond that has some of the best qualities a body wash should have. It moisturizes, refreshes and cleanses—all using natural ingredients.

No. 103 contains deep-sea algae, willow bark extract, passionflower fruit and green tea. As a result, your skin will feel nourished and as good as new, because Marlowe’s got your back.

[$13.99; amazon.com]

Get it Ralph Lauren Polo BlackCourtesy of Amazon7. Ralph Lauren Polo Black

You don’t have to have a summer home in the Hamptons to smell upper class. Ralph Lauren might be a status symbol on the surface, but at its heart, it’s a truly great brand.

Polo Black is a powerful, attractive and complex scent, with opening notes that may described as fruity, citrusy and green. Once the cologne dries, you’ll notice a semi-sweet woody aroma. This product is ready to change your life. Are you ready?

[$84; amazon.com]

Get it Hair Craft Co. Gel PomadeCourtesy of Hair Craft Co.8. Hair Craft Co. Gel Pomade

Designed by barbers, Hair Craft Co.’s pomade provides style with minimal effort. You can take your hair from zero to hero in a matter of moments with this impressive gel pomade. It adds volume and shine to your hair while holding it together all day long. The look is a semi-matte finish, allowing you to experiment with different options. The water-based gel pomade also contains beeswax and argan oil for a firm hold and a healthy scalp while ensuring you smell fresh and clean. When it comes to the best men’s grooming products for hair, trust the barbers.

[$20; haircraftco.com]

Get it Rocky Mountain Barber Company ShampooCourtesy of Amazon9. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Shampoo

Testing various shampoos and conditioners is essential for finding the product that’s optimal for your hair. The Rocky Mountain Barber Company’s all-natural product focuses on nourishing the scalp with natural oils while ensuring your hair is not left excessively greasy.

With hydration as an objective, it’s no surprise that they use nutrient-rich ingredients like peppermint essential oil, tea tree oil and natural eucalyptus. You can tell that Rocky Mountain Barber Company products are not mass-produced, and your hair will thank you!

[$13.99; amazon.com]

Get it Cremo Bourbon & Oak BodywashCourtesy of Cremo Company10. Cremo Bourbon & Oak Bodywash

Cremo has crafted a product that will make you smell like a gentleman from morning to evening. True to the name, you’ll notice strong hints of bourbon and oak from this body wash. This fragrance is part of Cremo’s uncommon scents collection, which also includes unique combinations like Blue Cedar & Cypress and Spice & Black Vanilla.

With shea butter as one of the bodywash’s primary ingredients, your skin will feel well-nourished, and thanks to the bourbon and oak, it’s going to smell pretty great too.

[$8.99; cremocompany.com]

Get it Every Man Jack Beard OilCourtesy of Amazon11. Every Man Jack Beard Oil

If you’ve committed to the beard life, then you need to put your money where your mouth is! Every Man Jack’s shea butter beard oil is one of their best offerings, and will treat your beard with the respect it deserves.

There are various scent options, and the oils all have shea butter to moisturize and condition your beard. Every Man Jack also threw in some coconut oil to soften your beard and soothe your skin. Pick this oil up at any major retailer. Your beard and skin will thank you.

[$8.99; amazon.com]

Get it STMNT Dry ClayCourtesy of Amazon12. STMNT Dry Clay

Add an extra matte finish to your hairstyle with a product that’s designed to deliver! STMNT has made one tough product with its dry clay. Apply straight to dry or wet hair and let this powerful clay provide a natural finish, robust control and style in abundance.

With strong hints of lavender, spices and wood, you’ll not only look great, but you’ll smell great too. This is a low-maintenance product once it’s integrated into your haircare routine; just be prepared for all of the compliments.

[$24.95; amazon.com]

Get it War Paint Tinted MoisturizerCourtesy of Amazon13. War Paint Tinted Moisturizer

War Paint for Men is all about destigmatizing makeup for men, and this is one of their signature products. The tinted moisturizer mixes both foundation and moisturizer to provide light coverage and leave you with a more natural look.

It’s also part concealer, so it will hide any minor blemishes. You can choose among various shades based on your skin tone and see the results on your skin. If you dig this product, check out War Paint’s product combos like the starter set and daily essentials set.

[$29; amazon.com]

Get it King C. Gillette Transparent Shave GelCourtesy of Amazon14. King C. Gillette Transparent Shave Gel

If you plan to style your beard with a more tactical shave, consider the King C. Gillette transparent shaving gel. Loaded with white tea, aloe vera and other plant-based ingredients, this shaving gel will ensure a comfortable shave.

It eliminates the discomforts of shaving and makes it a far smoother process. You’ll not only get a clean shave, but you’ll be protecting your skin at the same time.

[$7.99; amazon.com]

Get it Brickell Men’s Balancing TonerCourtesy of Amazon15. Brickell Men’s Balancing Toner

A toner may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to grooming, but don’t overlook this magical product! You use a face wash to clear your pores of all that’s hidden beneath the surface, so why not take it a step further? A toner can further moisturize your skin while decreasing the size of your pores.

Brickell Men’s balancing toner removes excess oil, and actively unclogs and reduces pores while minimizing skin impurities. Perk up your skin when it’s looking a bit dull and give it some life. Thanks to Brickell’s use of natural ingredients like cucumber, witch hazel, aloe vera and peppermint, you’ll see results instantly. Who wouldn’t want a nice natural glow?

[$19; amazon.com]

Get it Super Fresh Man PartsCourtesy of Amazon16. Super Fresh Man Parts

We all have our privates, fellas, and they can sometimes be a little less than fresh. Super Fresh decided to take on the issue and create a product that reduces odor, itch and stickiness down there and instead make the area…you guessed it, super fresh.

Think of it like deodorant for your man parts. The Super Fresh Man Parts lotion is made with natural ingredients like oat flour, arrowroot, witch hazel and kaolin clay, and prevents you from having to scratch your junk in public again. It can also be applied to other parts of your body, including on your feet. Now that’s a win-win!

[$12.99; amazon.com]

Get it Huron ConditionerCourtesy of Amazon17. Huron Conditioner

Nobody wants to have dull, dry or frizzy broken hair. Huron knows the struggle, and they want to fix it. This lightweight conditioner is a scalp soother and nourisher. Thanks to its use of aloe, argan oil and shea butter, you’ll watch your hair health improve with every wash!

However, it’s not just going to heal your hair. With wheat proteins, biotin and panthenol, Huron’s conditioner will strengthen your hair and add much-needed volume. You’ll get that boost you always desperately craved.

[$16; amazon.com]

Get it Colgate Optic White Whitening PenCourtesy of Amazon18. Colgate Optic White Whitening Pen

Imagine a pen that could whiten your teeth. We know it sounds far-fetched, but Colgate’s Optic White whitening pen is the real deal. Whitening your teeth couldn’t be easier: All you do is click, apply, sleep and brush in the morning as normal. In a week, you’ll no longer see those pernicious stains that have been irritating you for years.

This incredible pen features four staple ingredients: hydrogen peroxide, copolymer, alcohol solvent and water. Once you see the results, the Colgate whitening pen will be one of those products that you’ll keep re-ordering for years to come.

[$24.99; amazon.com]

Get it Jack Black Post Shave Cooling GelCourtesy of Amazon19. Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel

Shaving is key to staying well-groomed, but it can sometimes disrupt and irritate the skin. You’re just trying to groom, but your face thinks it’s under attack! Jack Black’s post-shave cooling gel employs natural ingredients to cool and hydrate your skin after a fresh shave.

Jack Black keeps things all-natural with this product, which incorporates aloe, sage, lavender, rosemary, chamomile and balm mint to give your face the royal treatment it deserves. After using this product, you should notice skin that’s calm, soft, balanced and purified, with reduced discomfort and a lasting glow. All this and more thanks to Jack Black!

[$20; amazon.com]

Get it Gold Bond Hydrating CreamCourtesy of Amazon20. Gold Bond Hydrating Cream

Gold Bond’s ultimate hydrating cream is one of the more powerful creams on the market as it’s formulated with seven moisturizers, skin-strengthening proteins and vitamins. This product will leave your skin tougher and softer at the same time.

While this sounds contradictory, this is actually the exact result you want from a cream. In addition, your body and hands will feel hydrated with every use, and this will show in your overall complexion.

[$4.97; amazon.com]

Get it Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine CreamCourtesy of Amazon21. Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

Nobody’s saying we’re going to live forever, but can we at least age with a little more grace? The fact is, our bodies produce less collagen over time. This results in thinner, drier and less elastic skin, paving the way for wrinkles. Savvy men supplement with collagen-heavy products like the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream.

This moisturizer also acts as an anti-aging product designed to nourish and hydrate the skin while tightening it up in all the right places. It’s not botox, and it’s not a miracle worker. Nevertheless, it’s highly effective at providing a more natural tightening of the skin on your face.

[$128; amazon.com]

Get it NIVEA MEN Deep Clean Shaving GelCourtesy of Walmart22. NIVEA MEN Deep Clean Shaving Gel

Shaving can be a nightmare when you’ve got the wrong tools for a clean and comfortable shave. That’s not a problem if you include a Nivea Men’s shaving gel in your shave routine. This product makes it easier to get all the stubble while protecting you from nicks and cuts.

A healthy dose of activated charcoal cleanses your skin, resulting in a fresh and clean shave. And don’t worry, Nivea does not throw a whole bouquet at you with this gel. The product has been formulated with a man-friendly vanilla and bourbon scent.

[$4.89; walmart.com]

Get it Lumin Moisturizing BalmCourtesy of Lumin23. Lumin Moisturizing Balm

Lumin’s South Korean−made moisturizing balm is designed to hydrate your skin and wind back the clock. Ever see Koreans on TV and wonder how they always manage to look so youthful and exuberant? We’re not saying it’s Lumin, but they must be doing something right. You can use this balm at any time of the day, and apply it whenever necessary.

About to shave? Face irritated because of a shave? This moisturizer has your back. With a focus on natural ingredients, including ginger, apple extract and meadowfoam-seed oil, your skin will bounce back better than ever, thanks to the power of Lumin and a country of people with flawless skin.

[$23.20; luminskin.com]

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