32 Best Beard Shampoos and Washes in 2022


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Beard maintenance is key for the well-groomed man, whether you are new to the beard game or have a few years under your belt. The best beard shampoos and washes on the market will help you step up your beard-care routine. This list shares the top picks for the best beard-cleansing tools on the market.

Why it’s important to wash your beard

Before diving into the hairy details, it is essential to cover the basics. For instance, what should you pay attention to when finding a beard wash or shampoo? A clean beard is a happy, healthy beard. Not only will washing your beard combat common issues such as itching or dirt build-up; it will also reduce skin irritation.

In any typical day, your face comes into contact with the outside world. Therefore, your beard is a bacteria magnet. If left unclean, your skin could begin to suffer from beard dandruff and chronic itching. Using a good beard wash will help purify the skin and promote overall healthy beard growth in the long run.

What to look for in a beard wash

There are various factors to consider when buying a beard wash, from natural ingredients to fragrances to performance and even packaging. All of these play an essential role in elevating your beard-maintenance routine.

Read the small print

The performance of a beard wash or shampoo starts with its ingredients. Some properties can help relieve itchiness, dandruff or irritation of the skin. Other properties help bring shine to the facial hair while moisturizing both the skin and hair. Altogether, the ingredients deliver an unparalleled experience your beard will thank you for.

Natural ingredients tend to produce the most enriching and healthy results. Try to avoid harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium chloride or formaldehyde, which are common in cheaper products. Even one of these toxic elements can deter the productive progress of your beard health, jeopardizing not only your facial hair but potentially the skin underneath as well.

Intoxicating aromas

Some beard washes and shampoos have a fragrance; others are scent-free. Which you choose will depend on personal preference. Note, however, that some essential oils offer physical benefits to your skin and beard and can have a calming effect.

Packaging plays a part

The packaging of most products is often overlooked. However, that does not mean it’s not as important as the ingredients inside. Some packaging designs have a shorter shelf-life. Keep an eye on the container that holds the product itself for a long-lasting experience.

1. Blu Atlas Shampoo Blu Atlas ShampooCourtesy of Blu Atlas

Blu Atlas is a premium skincare line for the modern man, packed with high-quality all-natural ingredients and backed by science. It is no surprise that this beard shampoo comes at the top of this list of the best beard shampoo and wash on the market.

The Blu Atlas shampoo will not only help improve the health of your skin but will help you feel good while using it. This all-natural shampoo features ingredients such as jojoba oil for beauty-enhancing effects, aloe for moisturizing and a coconut surface-active agent for a foamy texture.

For best results, lather a quarter-sized amount of product to a foamy consistency. Apply a pea-size amount of shampoo to damp hair and gently massage it into the scalp or beard daily. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, leaving no foam residue behind. Then, sit back, relax and let the shampoo work its magic.

[$22; bluatlas.com]

Get it 2. Acqua di Parma Barbiere Beard Wash Acqua di Parma Barbiere Beard WashCourtesy of Amazon

Next on the list is the famous Barbiere Beard Wash by Acqua di Parma. This wash is designed to leave you with soft, silky, shiny facial hair. Unlike other beard washes on the market, the Barbiere Beard wash is a creamy foam substance that is easy to rinse off.

It is made up of ingredients that are known to moisturize the skin, including, but not limited to, rosemary extract and pumpkin seed oil. This 200 ml beard wash is small but mighty, and packs a powerful punch.

[$35; amazon.com]

Get it 3. Scotch Porter Moisturizing Beard Wash Scotch Porter Moisturizing Beard WashCourtesy of Scotch Porter

The Scotch Porter gentle wash not only protects the skin; it also leaves your skin and beard soft. Aloe, burdock root and nettle leaf create a masculine floral blend that hydrates and elevates.

The Scotch Porter Beard Wash can easily last two to three months. All that is needed is a small amount applied to wet facial hair. Gently lather and massage the wash, then rinse with warm water. The fragrance leaves subtle notes of sandalwood, warm oakmoss, and a hint of vanilla and cashmere wood.

[$18.99; scotchporter.com]

Get it 4. Kalamazoo by LUSH Kalamazoo by LUSHCourtesy of LUSH

Kalamazoo keeps your beard bright, buttery and bushy with fresh and invigorating ingredients that both cleanse and remove dirt. Pineapple juice erases skin impurities and brightens complexion, while the apricot kernel Ooil moisturizes and softens.

The cupuaçu butter is an excellent vegan-friendly addition that packs the necessary nutrients to keep the facial hair well-hydrated. This wash has a refreshing citrusy scent that stems from the Brazilian orange oil to enhance your mood. This is the ultimate two-in-one beard and facial wash.

[$26.95; lushusa.com]

Get it 5. Jack Black Beard Wash Jack Black Beard WashCourtesy of Jack Black

The Jack Black beard wash makes this list for a good reason. Its ingredients purify and condition the beard and leave the underlying skin soft. Its hydrating properties moisturize the skin while strengthening the hair.

The aloe leaf powder and organic sea kelp are excellent for soothing any skin irritation and dryness. Whether you’re new to the beard community or a veteran, the Jack Black beard wash is an excellent addition to your skincare routine. An added bonus is that PureScience formulas back this fragrance-free beard wash.

[$18; getjackblack.com]

Get it 6. Duke Cannon Big Bourbon Beard Wash Duke Cannon Big Bourbon Beard WashCourtesy of Amazon

Say goodbye to disheveled beard days and hello to a well-maintained beard with Duke Cannon;s Big Bourbon Beard Wash. This beard wash has a plethora of plant-based ingredients that retain natural oils while moisturizing the skin underneath. While it works its magic, you can rest easy knowing your beard has a bright future full of healthy hair growth.

The wash features a woodsy oak barrel scent inspired by none other than the Buffalo Trace Distillery. This paraben-free beard wash comes in a generous 6 oz tube of rejuvenating product.

[$19.50; amazon.com]

Get it 7. SheaMoisture Beard Wash SheaMoisture Beard WashCourtesy of Amazon

The SheaMoisture Beard Wash for men is known to leave a fresh and clean feeling without drying out the skin and facial hair. Some consider it to be awakening due to its powerful pH balanced formula and raw ingredients such as maracuja oil and softening shea butter.

The fragrance is warm and sweet while remaining subtle on the senses. For a deep clean, massage a dime-sized amount of product into the beard, face and neck in a circular motion. This beard wash will have your beard not only looking good but smelling great.

[$8.85; amazon.com]

Get it 8. Bulldog Original Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

The Bulldog Beard Shampoo and Conditioner is a one-stop shop for masculine grooming at its finest. Bulldog Skincare is known for its premium quality. This product’s delicate formula features nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. While this beard shampoo is ideal for normal skin, it will not strip your skin and hair of its natural oils, making it a great option for any man.

Bulldog Original Beard Shampoo and ConditionerCourtesy of Amazon

[$10; amazon.com]

Get it 9. Horace Beard Shampoo Horace Beard ShampooCourtesy of mrporter

The Horace Beard Shampoo is a natural, sulfate-free product that promotes hair growth while strengthening and softening every strand of hair. A few of the shampoo’s popular benefits include Jamaican black castor oil for an energy boost, aloe vera to prevent irritation and hydrating argan oil.

Its woody, aromatic fragrance is easy on the nose and the formula will leave your skin feeling soft throughout the day. The Horace Beard shampoo may be used by all skin types.

[$17.68; mrporter.com]

Get it 10. Proraso Beard Wash: Wood & Spice Proraso Beard Wash: Wood & SpiceCourtesy of Proraso

Proraso is an Italian skincare line designed with innovation in mind. The Proraso Beard Wash is a soothing cleanser that features a low-foaming formula. It can be used on the skin and facial hair to remove dirt, debris and odors while leaving a warm woodsy scent with hints of vanilla, cedar and cumin. This aromatic beard wash envelops you with a feeling of comfort while remaining rugged and masculine.

[$18; proraso-usa.com]

Get it 11. King C. Gillette Beard and Face Wash King C. Gillette Beard and Face WashCourtesy of Gillette

The Gillette Beard and Face Wash product is famous for its refreshing infusion of argan oil, coconut water and avocado oil. The hydrating properties moisturize facial hair while nourishing the skin underneath for a fresh and clean feeling. Its foamy lather soaks into the skin and is easy to rinse. Maintaining a well-groomed beard has never been so effortless and energizing.

[$13; gillette.com]

Get it 12. Murdock Beard Shampoo Murdock Beard ShampooCourtesy of Amazon

Murdock features top-of-the-line tools for the ultimate masculine grooming experience. It’s no surprise the Murdock Beard Shampoo makes this list for best beard shampoos and washes. They have produced a shampoo that gives your beard the enrichment it deserves with efficiency in mind.

From coconut oil to eucalyptus and more, its pH-balanced formula features clean ingredients that will not rid your beard of its natural oils or irritate the skin underneath. Unlike some other washes, the Murdock Beard Wash introduces a clean way of grooming.

[$24; amazon.com]

Get it 13. Professor Edward J Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo Bar Professor Edward J Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo BarCourtesy of Amazon

Unlike most popular beard shampoos and washes on this list, Professor Edward J. Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo Bar is one of a kind. This shampoo bar is 100% natural, with organic ingredients such as honey and leatherwood beeswax. The packaging is recyclable, making it a well-rounded product inside and out.

Since the bar is relatively small and compact, it makes for an excellent travel skincare addition. Its long-lasting properties help detangle unruly beards while providing a deep conditioning treatment. Antiseptic organic oils such as lavender and Tasmanian kunzea are included in the formula to promote skin health.

[$15; amazon.com]

Get it 14. Just for Men Face and Beard Wash Just for Men Face and Beard WashCourtesy of Amazon

The name says it all, which is why this soothing beard wash is one of the best on the market today. Not only does the Just for Men Beard Wash help unclog pores and prevent beard itching; it also produces a calming effect. Natural ingredients such as oatmeal, aloe, jojoba oil and chamomile promote a tranquil experience. At the same time, the product moisturizes and soothes the skin and beard hair.

[$9; amazon.com]

Get it 15. Every Man Jack Beard and Face Wash Every Man Jack Beard and Face WashCourtesy of Amazon

Every Man Jack makes efficiency look and feel good. The Every Man Jack Beard and Face Wash features an impressive number of all-natural ingredients that gently clean and hydrate both your skin and facial hair. It carries a refreshing sandalwood aroma that perfectly syncs with coconut surfactants to purify. The shea butter glycerin and aloe properties help moisturize and keep your beard feeling soft throughout the day. The sandalwood is our preference, but this beard wash is also available in a variety of other scents, including cedar, sea salt citron and natural hemp.

[$9.50; amazon.com]

Get it 16. L:A Bruket 218 Beard Wash L:A Bruket 218 Beard WashCourtesy of L:A Bruket

The L:A Bruket beard wash is excellent for stripping grease, dirt and bacteria build-up while moisturizing the skin. It has an active herbal scent of cedarwood, rosemary, orange and witch hazel infusion for a mild but natural finish. This organic cleanser is a premium product made in Sweden and consists of protecting properties with relaxing benefits. Your beard will thank you!

[$35; labruket.us]

Get it 17. L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Barber Club Beard, Face and Hair Wash L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Barber Club Beard, Face and Hair WashCourtesy of Amazon

The L’Oréal beard, face and hair wash is a natural cleansing trifecta packed with rich essential oils. It offers a rugged yet inviting woodsy scent with soothing and calming benefits. This three-in-one wash conditions deeply and cleanses while preventing dry, itchy skin. The glycerin helps moisturize, keeping the hair and underlying skin soft and free of dirt.

[$26.50; amazon.com]

Get it 18. Mr. Bear Family Citrus Beard Wash Mr. Bear Family Citrus Beard WashCourtesy of Mr. Bear Family

There’s nothing more refreshing than a citrus-scented beard wash on a Sunday morning. The Beard Wash Citrus by Mr. Bear Family is a gentle cleanser that gets the job done. It is excellent for calming irritated skin and has anti-inflammatory properties that thicken the beard, giving a more lush appearance. While some products may leave your beard and skin dry, this beard wash is a gentle moisturizer made up of natural ingredients.

[$28; mrbearfamily.com]

Get it 19. Risu Afternoon Orange Beard Shampoo Risu Afternoon Orange Beard ShampooRisu Afternoon Orange Beard Shampoo Courtesy of Risu

Just when we thought beards could not get any softer, along came the Risu Afternoon Orange Beard Shampoo. This is one of the gentlest shampoos on this list and is SLS-free. It has an oil-infused texture that rejuvenates without stripping natural oils from the skin and beard. Unlike your average shampoo, this eco-friendly shampoo has a lower foam that gently lathers. The bright and bracing aroma stems from natural ingredients such as lemon, lime, rosemary and bergamot.

[$30; risubrand.com]

Get it 20. OneDTQ Big Forest Beard Shampoo OneDTQ Big Forest Beard ShampooCourtesy of OneDTQ

Another of the best beard shampoos is OneDTQ Big Forest Beard Shampoo. This is a 100% natural beard soap that will have your beard looking fuller, healthier and softer. Due to its detangling properties, this shampoo will help make managing your beard pain-free. No matter how long or dense your beard is, this shampoo will keep it clean and free of dirt, dead skin and bacteria.

For those looking to grow a fuller, smoother beard, Big Forest takes the cake. While cleansing the skin and beard, Big Forest Beard Shampoo will promote even hair growth with no toxic preservatives. Bask in the earthy pine-infused scent as the day’s troubles are washed away.

[$24; onedtq.com]

Get it 21. Dr. Squatch Beard Soap Bar Dr. Squatch Beard Soap BarCourtesy of Dr. Squatch

The Dr. Squatch Beard Soap Bar comes in an assortment of flavors, including Pine Tar, Old Moss and Cool Fresh Aloe. The Pine Tar flavor is an all-time favorite of the Dr. Squatch skincare line. It takes care of the grime while gently exfoliating. The Dr. Squatch Beard Soap Bar is made from natural oils with no harsh chemicals. The Pine Tar soap bar is excellent for all skin types and is made up of oatmeal, sand and detoxifying activated charcoal.

[$7; drsquatch.com]

Get it 22. Seven Potions Beard Shampoo Seven Potions Beard ShampooCourtesy of Amazon

The Seven Potions Beard Shampoo helps promote optimal beard health while maintaining a sharp exterior. The shampoo moisturizes, hydrates and soothes the beard, making maintenance a walk in the park. Just a pea-sized amount will do wonders for facial hair, replenishing natural oils and boosting complexion.

A little goes a long way with this shampoo. It features premium natural ingredients, carefully curated to promote healthier hair and skin. The antioxidant nutrients such as aloe vera leaf powder and black currant extract provide soothing benefits.

[$14; amazon.com]

Get it 23. OneDTQ Medicine Man’s Itchy Beard Wash OneDTQ Medicine Man’s Itchy Beard WashCourtesy of OneDTQ

If you suffer from an itchy beard, look no further. The OneDTQ Medicine Beard Wash features anti-itch properties that will provide relief. Its exfoliating recipe helps reduce redness and can prevent breakouts. Moisturizing ingredients include vitamin E, olive, jojoba seed oil and coconut. The formula has an inviting earthy scent, with notes of lavender and rosemary.

No matter the stage of growth your beard is in, the Medicine Man has you covered. While putting a stop to chronic itching, the product energizes the skin underneath, promoting hair growth. Say goodbye to itchy, dry, irritated skin and hello to an itch-free premium formula with calming benefits.

[$19; onedtq.com]

Get it 24. The Rugged Bros Beard Wash The Rugged Bros Beard WashCourtesy of Amazon

Crafted from citrus and spice, the Rugged Bros Beard Wash not only cleans and..

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