15 Hardest Bodyweight Leg Exercises In Existence


I want to debunk a myth with this post and that is the myth that you can only really develop extremely strong leg muscles using weights.

Bodyweight leg exercises are extremely effective for muscle growth in the legs, you simply have to know how to do it.

Bodyweight leg exercises have been used by millions of people to add size and definition to their legs.

hardest bodyweight leg exercises

These hardest bodyweight leg exercises are sure to leave you crying.

All of the below leg exercises develop massive strength and coordination without using weights.

Though there are also many different types of leg exercises.

The below-leg exercise videos encompass plyometrics, static exercises, dynamic exercises, exercises with props, exercises in the water, and more.

It’s so cool to think that you can use many other props to develop your leg muscles other than weights.

Some of the below exercises are very difficult and should not be tried without consulting a personal trainer.

Though, if you get the go-ahead then jump in. Some incorporate a ton of balance and coordination to complete, not just strength.

Start with the exercise at the top, Frog Squats, and work your way down.

Some of them you may feel are too easy until you do 10-20 of them.

Bodyweight leg exercises are meant to do in quick succession to completely shred the leg muscle tissue.

Hardest Bodyweight Leg Exercises 15. Frog Squats

14. Falling Tower

13. Hindu Squats

12. Single Leg Wall Sits

11. Super Skaters on Bosu Ball

10. Tornado Lunges

9. Plyometric Hops

8. Crouch Jumps

7. Advanced Shrimp

6. Pilates Ball Squats

5. Pistol Squats

4. Plyo Water Hops

3. Pistol Squats on Bosu Ball

2. Russian Hamstring Curl (aka Harop Curl)

1. Front & Back Flips

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